Tyre Lab

Tyre laboratory is equipped with state of the art facilities for testing automotive tyres and wheel rims. Tyre Lab. can undertake testing of tyres and wheel rims as per National and International Standards. It can undertake testing of 2 and 3 wheelers, passenger car, HCV and Aeroplane tyres. Tyre Lab. has Endurance Test Machine, Dynamic wheel cornering fatigue test machine, Universal tyre test machine, Uniformity test machine for passenger cars & Trucks/Bus radial tyres, Hydraulic burst test machine for tyres, impact resistance test machine for wheel rim, Wheel rim torsion test etc.

Testing facilities available
  1. Cornering fatigue test
  2. Tyre uniformity test
  3. Endurance test
  4. Load speed performance test
  5. Radial fatigue test of wheel rim
  6. Tyre burst test
  7. Radial, lateral, tangential stiffness
  8. Plunger energy test
  9. Bead unseating force test
  10. Foot prints test
  11. Impact test for wheel rim
Testing Machines