Tyre Test Machine

Testing Equipment Name : Tyre Test Machine

  1. Equipment Details / Features:-
  2. Two Station Tyre Test machines one is manufactured by M/s Akron Standard, USA and other by M/s BISS, Bangalore consists of a road wheel of 1708 mm diameter and a width of 600 mm, which can test two tyres simultaneously. The maximum speed of operation is 300 kmph at a maximum load of 10,000 kg at each station. The system is capable of executing the test programme and acquiring data with the help of PC and allied software.
  3. Testing Conducted
  4. Load speed performance test, Endurance test for tyres and Radial Fatigue test for wheel rim. The machine is also having additional facility to test the tyres at controlled temperature from 20 to 50°C.
  5. Test Standard Followed
  6. National / International Standards, Customer designed specification
  7. Any other information
  8. 1) Provision for designing test programme as per customers requirement For variable load and speed parameters in dynamic condition. 2) Measurement of loaded radius of tyre in static and dynamic condition. 3) Comparative test for two similar but different make tyres in the same environmental condition. 4) Test facility for Helicopter, Air craft, two wheelers to tractor rear tyres, Off The Road (OTR) tyres etc.
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