Auto Lab

Fan Belt Endurance test rig (3 Pulley), Oil Seal Performance test rig, Co-efficient of friction test rig (Scale Rig), Performance test (Endurance test) of Mechanical and Hydraulic Jacks (Bottle & Trolley type), Life & Efficiency test rig of Lube Oil Filters, Life & Efficiency test rig of Diesel Fuel Filters, Air Filter test rig, Fabrication Integrity test for oil filter, Elements, Millipore Apparatus, Impulses test rig for Oil Filters and Flexible Fuel/Oil Hoses), Impact Resistance test (Plastic Fuel Tank), Fuel Permeability test chamber (Plastic Fuel Tank), Resistance to fire (Plastic Fuel Tank) Mechanical Strength/ Resistance to high temperature test (Plastic Fuel Tank) Fire Resistance test chamber for plywood viz. Flammability, Flame Penetration and Burning Rate tests, Chary Impact tester for Chequered plywood, Air Circulating Ovens, Surface Roughness Tester, Roundness Tester, Profile Projector Piston Ring Light Leakage Tester, Ball Bearing Radial Clearance Tester, Ball Bearing Radial Runout Tester, Electronic Height Gauge, Electronic Piston Ring Tester, Main Leaf Endurance Test Rig, Brinell Hardness tester for Spring Leaves, Torque test rig for Wheel Nut Spanner/Tommy Bar, Torque test rig for Self Locking Nuts

Components can be tested
  1. Brake linings, clutch facings
  2. Lubricating oil filters, diesel filters & air filters
  3. Oil seals
  4. Fan belts (cogged v-belts and v-ribbed belts)
  5. Fuel & oil hoses
  6. Hydraulic brake hose assy
  7. Radiator hoses, rubber hoses
  8. Water pumps (performance & endurance tests)
  9. Radiator pressure cap
  10. Fuel tanks (metallic and plastic)
  11. Mechanical & hydraulic jacks
  12. Welding electrodes
  13. Plywoods
  14. Ball & roller bearings
  15. Leaf spring assemblies & spring leaves
  16. Spring steel flats for leaf springs
  17. Piston, gudgeon pin & piston rings
  18. High pressure fuel pipes & nozzle leakage pipes
  19. Fasteners (bolts & nuts)
  20. Self locking nuts
  21. Wheel nut spanner & tommy bar 
Testing Machine