Lubricating Oil Filter Test Rig

Testing Equipment Name : Lubricating Oil Filter Test Rig

  1. Equipment Details / Features:-
  2. The test setup is based on the SAE standard to find out the existing life of the filter element with the help of Millipore Apparatus. Test Rig consists of oil sump with heating provision, Oil circulation arrangement with measurement of flow and pressures. Oil temperature: Above room temp. to 120 ±2°C, Oil flow: 30 to 70 LPM at oil inlet pressure of 3 Kg/cm2,
  3. Testing Conducted
  4. Life & Efficiency test:- To test lubricating oil filters by AC fine dust as contaminant for evaluation the life & filtering efficiency used on engines of Tata & Leyland buses.
  5. Test Standard Followed
  6. ASRTU / manufacture’s specification.
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