Faculty Profile

 Name: G Subhashini
Designation: Senior Manager & Co-Ordinator RCC
Qualification: Master of Science in Transportation Engg. and Diploma in Software Technology
Experience: 11.5 Years
Email Id.: subhashini@cirtindia.com
Contact No: 020-67345300 Ext: 417
 Name:S N Dhole
Designation:Scientist - C & Head Safety & Homologation/Certification
Qualification: D.M.E
Experience: 34 Years
Email Id.: shd@cirtindia.com, sndhole@cirtindia.com
Contact No: 020-67345300 Ext: 511
 Name: U K Suryawanshi
Designation: Senior Manager -IT
Qualification: M.C.M.
Experience: 14 Years
Email Id.: umeshks@cirtindia.com
Contact No: 020-67345300 Ext: 418
 Name: Kakade Prashant
Designation: Manager & Co-Ordinator MDC
Qualification: B.E. (Civil), M Tech (Transportation Engg.)
Experience: 16 Years
Email Id.: pkakade@cirtindia.com
Contact No: 020-67345300 Ext: 416
 Name: M M Pathak
Designation:Scientist C
Qualification:B.E. (Mech), MMS
Experience: 28 Years
Email Id.: mpathak@cirtindia.com
Contact No: 020-67345300 Ext: 448
 Name: Sheetal R Duraiswami
Designation: Accounts Officer
Qualification: M Sc (Geology) & MBA (Finance)
Experience: 18 Years
Email Id.: sheetald@cirtindia.com
Contact No: 020-67345300 Ext: 406