Rear Wall Strength Test Rig

Testing Equipment Name : Rear Wall Strength Test Rig

  1. Equipment Details / Features:-
  2. FORCE/LOAD RANGE: 0 TO 250 KN (0 TO 25000 Kgs) Displacement Range : 0 to 500 mm
  3. Testing Conducted
  4. Evaluation of strength of Rear Walls of cab of commercial vehicles by simulation load moment to establish the compliance of vehicle as per AIS 029 & ECE R 029 Rear Walls Strength Test as per AIS:029 and ECE R 29.
  5. Test Standard Followed
  6. AIS:029 and ECE R 29
  7. Any other information
  8. All the testing required during the development stages of vehicle can be tone using Rear Walls Strength Test Rig. The data acquisition is done by very sophisticated software and Computer system which can record the data practically up to 1/1000 seconds (one milli second). Bus body builders, Vehicle manufacturers and testing agencies can use this facility to ensure their design meets regulations as per CMVR and also for their R&D work. This test facility can also be utilized for quality assurance & developmental work and R&D study.
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