Testing Equipment Name: Spectro-Photometer

Typical spectrometer setup. The light source (far right) sends light via an input fiber into a cuvette in a cuvette holder (bottom center). The light interacts with the sample. The output fiber carries light from the sample to the spectrometer (top center), which is connected to the PC (far left).
  1. Equipment Details / Features:-
  2. Make: Ocean Optics Inc.
    Model: HR 2000
    Detector Range: 200-1100 nm
    i) Different light measurements and calibration
    ii) Measurement of UV radiation of halogen lamps
    iii) Visible spectral range measurement
  3. Testing Conducted
  4. Measurement of Absorbance, Transmission, Reflection, Relative irradiance, Absolute irradiance, Colour measurements for Light and Light Signaling Devices.
  5. Test Standard Followed
  6. As Per ECE, AIS & IS standards
  7. Any other information
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