Structural Dynamic

Structural dynamic laboratory has got special purpose machines as well as universal test machine for testing various automobile sub-assemblies. It can undertake testing of steering, CV joint, ball joint, clutch plate assembly etc

Testing facilities Available
  1. Power steering, C.V. joint endurance, ball joint endurance and multi axis fatigue/endurance test
  2. Fatigue/endurance test
  3. Load/deflection test
  4. Bond strength test
  5. Vibration test (vertical)
  6. Twisting torque test
  7. Steering test
  8. Turning test on input shaft
  9. Sliding test on out put shaft
  10. Turning torque test
  11. Mechanical & power steering test rig
  12. Rigidity test strength test
  13. C.V. Joint test
  14. Radial expansion test
  15. Ball joint test
  16. Oscillation angle test
  17. Torque test, rigidity test
  18. Static & fatigue strength test
  19. Muddy water durability test
2.5KN Linear Actuator

25kN Actuator

Ball Joint Enduranec Test Rig

Channel 5 with 15kN Actuator

Channel 1

Channel 3 with 10kN Actuator

Channel 4 with 10kN Actuator

Constant Velocity Joint Test Rig

Manual & Power Steering Test Rig

Mast 2

Rotary Actuator

Rotary Actuator 11.3 kNm Capacity

Steering Test Rig