Environmental Lab

Environmental laboratory is equipped with state-of-art facilities for testing of paints, safety glass, upholstery fabric, PVC flooring, PU foam, latex foam, bus body materials etc.

Test facilities available

Weather O meters (ci 5000 and ci4000) - weather resistance, testing of paints, safety glass, mirror & plastic components, UV chamber (2000) – UV radiation test for paints & plastic components, scratch hardness tester (paint), Fire Resistance test chamber for plywood viz. Flammability, Flame Penetration and Burning Rate tests, Chary Impact tester for Chequered plywood, colour spectrophotometer (paint), flash point tester (paint), taber abrasion machine (upholstery), flexing test rig for upholstery, flexing test rig for latex foam, flexing test rig for coir foam, PUF shearing test rig for PU foam, PUF/COIR foam hardness tester, latex foam hardness tester, tensile test machine (1 ton capacity), environmental chambers - humidity chamber, cold chamber (-50°C, 1x2x1.5 M), air oven (+200°C, 1x2x1.5 M), horizontal flammability chamber (bus body materials), vertical flammability chamber (bus body materials), air circulating ovens

Testing Machines