Electrical Lab

Electrical laboratory Can undertake testing of batteries, lamps, switches, voltage regulators, alternators, wiping system, mirrors, cables, pressure & temperature gauges, carbon brushes, electrical fan, field coils, insulation tape etc.

Test Facilities available
  1. Battery testing system (BITRODE USA) for capacity
  2. High rate discharge
  3. Life cycle tests of batteries for automobile & other applications 
  4. Electro dynamic vibration system (1000 kgf)
  5. Wheatstone & kelvin bridge
  6. High voltage tester
  7. Spark test rig for cables
  8. Climatic chamber (-50 to 150°C and 95% RH max)
  9. Cold chamber (-40 °C)
  10. Air circulating ovens
  11. Water spray chamber
  12. Dust chamber
  13. Salt spray test chamber
  14. Switch test rig
  15. Voltage regulator and alternator test rig
  16. Co-efficient friction test rig for carbon brush
Testing Machine