The Transport Research Laboratory of the United Kingdom has undertaken several research projects in collaboration with CIRT and there is a constant exchange of professional staff between the two institutions. The Universities of Westminster, NewCastle and Loughborough have hosted programmes for CIRT faculty, and faculty from these universities visit CIRT to give lectures and seminars on topics of mutual interest.

CIRT being the only national level institution in India dealing exclusively with road transport matters, it does collaborate with similar institutions elsewhere in the world. The Institute's training and consultancy services have been, and are being, patronised by neighbouring countries. Its academic and training links have however taken it across the continents.

In respect of testing of automobile components, the Institute has entered into memoranda of understanding with TUV in Munich, Germany, and with UTAC in Paris, France. Under a scheme supported by the European Union, scientists from these two renowned automobile laboratories visited CIRT and helped in upgrading testing facilities. A good number of CIRT scientists were also trained in these two laboratories.

Collaborative efforts are being made in the areas of road safety with appropriate institutions in Australia, Europe, Japan and USA. The Dutch government and the Institute of Road Safety Research at the Hague have shown interest not only in collaborating with CIRT in road safety but in helping establish the Centre for Road Safety on CIRT campus.