• To promote and provide for the study of the principles and practices of organisation and management in various spheres of public transport;
  • To conduct research on critical issues in transport development and to undertake consaltancy assignments to improve organisational effectiveness and operational efficiency;
  • To impart training and education to all categories of managers and professionals engaged in furthering the cause of public transport;
  • To help the government and its agencies in evolving integrated policies and legislative framework to enable a balanced growth of the transport sector;
  • To be the clearing house of ideas, information and data pertaining to transport industry with specific reference to safety, environment and productivity;
  • To lay down standards, specifications and norms for various materials used in heavy vehicles through performance evaluation, material analysis and quality monitoring;
  • To undertake research for improvement and technological upgradation of vehicles used for passenger transportation together with their components and assemblies;
  • To engage in any other activity as may be conducive or incidental to the attainment of the above objectives.